Roy is a rare combination – a seasoned producer that knows how to patiently and expertly draw out the music that’s inside you, and a true people person who shares deep conversations about life and the life of an artist before and after you hit the record button. I couldn’t recommend him more . . . and after having him produce a single song recently I’m hoping and planning for more in the future.”

Roy has a remarkable ability to woo the deeper creative self out of the artists he works with – and I say this from experience; he produced my Devotion CD which remains one of the most inventive and sonically gorgeous projects I’ve ever been a part of.  There are few who have carried the mastery of the analogue world into the digital age with such attention to beauty as Roy. As a producer-musician, Roy is truely one of the great master-craftsmen of the trade.

Working with Roy was a complete joy. I would blabber incoherently about what I wanted and he would translate my blabbering into musical awesomeness. He understands Director Blabber and knows how to communicate with the musically challenged. Working with Roy is like working with the lovechild of Antonio Vivaldi and Fozzy Bear.

Roy Salmond brings years of multi-disciplinary experience (in others, he knows a lot about a lot of things), to his thoughtful and engaging presentations. He is an excellent communicator, able to speak with relevance to a wide demographic and takes great pains to find out the needs of his audience, and then prepare targeted messages for them.

Roy’s thought provoking communication conveys a ‘sage-like’ wisdom stemming from his lifelong curiosity and desire to learn about everything.  As a man who loves quotes, he uses these effectively to cause his listeners to have ‘aha’ moments which open up a new way of seeing, listening and understanding.

Roy Salmond’s work as a producer can be summed up by the word generosity. He opens up the world of his studio and his life so that you feel safe to create adventurously within that space. His hospitable spirit welcomes the artist’s personhood and craft which then forges a dynamic partnership for producing wonderful music.

Roy is a professional to work with. He took the ideas and emotions of the film and reflected them in the score. The result was a better looking visual and more compelling story. I’ll continue to partner with Roy.

His commitment to making the music all it can be is tireless and inspiring and he’s got the chops and experience to actually make it happen.

Dollar for Dollar he’s the best creative producer I know of.

Roy Salmond reminds you of why you fell in love with music and why it still matters.

Working with Roy on our film Indie Jonesing was such a pleasure. His creative flow and dedication to our film project was relentless. He was both collaborative and suggestive (at the right times) while working with our Director – lifting the scenes to nuanced, interesting levels – the way a great composer should.

Wind and Tide Schools hired Roy to produce 4 separate children’s albums to build and enhance curriculum for the 4000 children served at our schools. His work far exceeded our hopes and dreams. His years of experience, wisdom and commitment to craft make his work unique and exceptional. Our investment with Roy continues to be a wonderful success.

As an executive producer of many albums[CDs?/recordings?], I have invested a lot of money in musicians and music across North America. They, like me, have come to realize the incredible talent of Roy Salmond and his invaluable contribution to their creative efforts. Roy is found everywhere in a production but he is always pointing back to the artist and the art. Roy does not impose- he proposes. Roy does not demand-he encourages.

At the ground level, here’s some of what he does for (and with) me: Great sounds, great ideas, masterfully conceived-and-played overdubs (by Roy or others as applicable), songs improved at his suggestion, arrangements considered, patience in the sometimes-tedious and repetitive nature of the recording process, oversight of mastering, and the overarching quality that guides everything. If you’re interested in knob-turning, robotic, paint-by-numbers production stuff, save the money and do it on your Mac at home. But if you want a fully-engaged, consummately talented man to be your “Fifth Beatle” and you choose Roy Salmond to be involved, you’ve hit the jackpot. (And, no, I am not a paid spokesperson!)

Roy is an entertaining, engaging and always informative communicator. He comes with a wealth of knowledge and an ability to connect and clearly articulate visionary ideas in a creative and inspiring way. He encourages his students to think beyond their boxes, to dream beyond their personal borders and see beauty in the world around them.

Juno Noms

Lianna Klassen – CCM album of the year – Listen To The Sound – 1999 – Producer
Kelita – CCM album of the year – Naked Soul – 2001 – Producer
Steve Bell – CCM album of the year – Waiting for Aiden – 2002 – Player
BLAISE Pascal – Best New Artist – Hairspray – 2002 – Producer
BLAISE Pascal – Songwriter of the year – Angel Baby – 2002 – Co-Writer
Delerium – Electronic Song – After All – 2003 – Player
Bec Abbott – CCM album of the year – Shine Like Stars – 2003 – Producer
Carolyn Arends – CCM album of the year – Pollyana’s Attic – 2006 – Co-Producer
Steve Bell – CCM album of the year – Devotion – 2008 – Producer

Austin City Music Awards

Roy Salmond – Producer of the Year – Wide Awake/Not So Far Away – 2006 – Producer

Dove Awards

Morgan Cryer – Rock Song of The Year – Pray In The USA – 1987 – Producer
Carolyn Arends – New Artist – I Can Hear You – 1996 – Player

Nammy Awards

Michael Jacobs – Independent Recording (won) – Sacred Nation – 2003 – Producer
Michael Jacobs – Independent Recording – They Come Dancing – 2004 – Producer
Michael Jacobs – Pop recording – The Journey – 2007 – Producer

CGMA Awards

Carolyn Arends
Jill Hagen
Steve Bell

Other Notables

Ben Fielding (Hillsong)
Layton Howerton
Remedy Drive
Brian Doerkson
Dusty Brown
Stephen Baldwin (History Channel)
Scott Cairns (poet)
Luci Shaw (poet)

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