Whitewater productions is the state of the art studio of producer/engineer/composer Roy Salmond. It is located in Surrey BC, a suburb of Vancouver and is 10 minutes from the US border and 30 minutes from the Vancouver or Abbotsford international airports.

Whitewater boasts an extensive tube and solid state microphone collection, class A outboard gear and pre amps to satisfy the most demanding tastes in professional recording. It also has a rather large collection of acoustic and electric guitars (42 and counting), amps, percussion and keyboards, including a Yamaha 6 ft grand and vintage Wurlitzer and Fender Rhodes piano. There is also a plethora of quirky, one of a kind instruments, such as the 1930’s pump organ (still in tune!), and antique toy piano, glockenspiel, accordions (2), charango and 1950’s ukulele as well as a modern Koa 6 string version. Add to that the extensive sampling and soft synths in the Mac Pro and there isn’t much that can’t be sonically created at Whitewater.

There is a full kitchen, full bathroom and shower, TV/Blu ray player and hide a bed (in the vocal booth) for clients to live in, and relax during their stay here (if they’re not up all night playing all the instruments!). In addition to the control room, there are 3 separate isolated rooms: the main recording room, a vocal booth and a sound secured hallway for amps and musicians.

With brand names like Neve, DW Fearn, Neumann, AKG, Avalon, Focusrite, API, Manely, GML, dbx, DP and iZ RADAR present at Whitewater, one can trust the sonics will be the finest (or lo finest:-) one can strive for.

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