Roy Salmond has been in the music business for 35 years as a music producer/engineer/composer/studio owner.

Roy’s award winning productions have taken him to some of the top studios in the world, recording throughout Canada, the United States and in the UK. From classical to hard rock, from pop to world beat, hip-hop to electronica, film to spoken word, Roy has endeavored to imbue his projects with commercial viability and artistic integrity.

Known for his erudite bon mots, Roy also writes a weekly blog, Between The Notes, that focuses on the arts, faith plus the wonder, heartache and mystery of life.

For the last few years, Roy has also attuned his attention to the audio podcast world, where, along with Rachel Cram, Roy produces, edits and co-hosts the family360 podcast. Conversations exploring life together, family360 interviews artists, specialists and storytellers on all the ways we are family to each other.

Echoing the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Roy always answers the question of ‘what is his favorite project?’ with …..“The next one.” Encouraging creativity out of others, in music, interviews and in writing,  sets Roy’s heart on fire and gives meaning and purpose to his work.

Residing in Vancouver, Roy loves to read, ride his bike, listen to vinyl & unwind in his hot tub when he’s not producing, speaking, or writing.

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