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Dear friend,
I know November/December is a time when many of you decide on what charity and nonprofit to support.

If you are reading this then you know of my passion for good art (musical and otherwise), my production work with IncarNATION, my weekly blog Between The Notes and my podcasts family360 and others.

You’ve been directed here through emails, social media, artists or mutual acquaintances.

For about 16 years, I’ve been curating connections with musical artists in my studio work, writing my blog, and in the last few years, producing a different kind of music, conversations with experts on family, relationships and leadership. With all of these endeavors, I want to encompass the depth and breadth of the human experience and echo back some of God’s graces in our lives.

For this work to continue, it needs patrons like you to help sustain it. Your donations help with recording projects, speaking engagements, writing time and episode production for podcasts. They all take time and energy, and we welcome your patronage and participation in this soul-nourishing work.

I deeply believe that artists need the church, and the church needs artists if we are going to communicate the rich nuances of a faith-filled life to our fragmented culture around us.

Thank you for your support and investment in the work we do, and your investment in curating connections in community and culture that nourish us in God’s love and grace.

Please check out the video links below to find out more about what we do.

Much blessings – Roy Salmond


If you are interested in donating for a tax receipt towards Roy’s work with IncarNATION, you can write a cheque to IncarNATION Ministries (Roy Salmond in the memo line) and send it to the following address:
IncarNATION Ministries
113W 3018 St. George Street, Port Moody,  BC V3H 0L4
Incarnation is a registered Canadian charity No. 88728 3208 RR0001
Or you can donate online using the PayPal donate button above. Thank you for your support of IncarNATION!

Thank you for considering our work with IncarNATION Ministries. 



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